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100% Discount Means Free

The wording of the special reads: “get a My Free Cams discount here” which immediately made me think ‘what bullshit is this!?’ I mean, how can you get a discount to something that’s free but when I had a look I realised that they had just worded it a little awkwardly to my taste, but that it does actually make sense.

You see, it’s discounted by 100% which actually does make it entirely free at the end of the day, which means it does meet the expectation of free perfectly no matter the wording or anything else.

You would not have seen an add like this that was not bullshit some years ago when cam sites hit the scene for the first time. Everything was a total rip-off back then.

With some of the sites back then you had to even pay to become a member of the site even before you could see anything and then once you did you had to purchase credits just to enter a show, before even seeing for yourself if you’d really enjoy it.

Nowadays, with cam sites, free means free.

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