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Launch the Torpedoes!

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Lauch the torpedoes! Aye aye Captain, torpedo tits away!

Well, one things’ for sure, the tits on the_foxes_say from are real. If nothing else, the fact that they are distinctly different sizes make that a dead giveaway. I bet she looks fantastic in a puch-up bra and a tank top because those puppies are of decent size. Personally I don;t rate them all that much all exposed like that but that is my personal taste, I’m not for a moment suggesting she has ugly tits.

She has an interesting name though right or is it a reference to something I’m just not familiar with? Is the word “foxes” perhaps slang for tits in some parts of the world that I have just not heard before?

I also kind of like it that she’s wearing that mask to disguise herself. She’s clearly oblivious to the fact that that mask is so revealing that anyone who would recognise her without it will still recognise her with it and to the rest of us, well we don’t know here and could therefore not have recognised her to begin with 😀

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