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Thousands of Performers Online at Any Given Time

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Did you know that the LiveJasmin sites can also be accessed via Cambb? In fact there are loads of Live Jasmin free chat rooms to check out as we speak and for that matter at any other time of any other day.

I couldn’t believe it at first myself because I don’t recall it ever being like this before so I decided to put it to the test myself. I checked on 3 different weekdays at three different times to try and find the quietest period possible where the least amount of performers would be online hosting shows and not once were there less than 5,000 shows to choose from.

It’s insane, this industry has made a 180 degree turnaround from where they were not that long ago.

What I also really enjoy is that by far the greater majority of performers are not pornstars, they are freelance amateurs. Every day people like you and me (well maybe not me, nobody wants to see this :D) are doing their own shows. It makes you want to have a look if you can recognise anyone.


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