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You Had Me At Hello

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A few years ago I dated this one chick and she was really secretive about her private life. We got along great and had crazy sexual chemistry. Our connection was instant, not exactly love at first sight, but it was nice. Our sex was absolutely amazing and both had similar turn ons. When we were together it was like we had been in one another’s lives forever. But when I had no idea what she did for a living.

A friend told me about this 40% off discount so I decided to check it out. These webcams were the hottest I’d ever seen. I started visiting regularly and one night I saw my girlfriend. It was her. No doubt about it. Naturally I watched her cam and it was so sexy. I was a little hurt she didn’t tell me, but I liked watching so much I couldn’t tell her. The relationship didn’t last and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t do webcams anymore, but I still visit this site.

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